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    Bind Toxic Elimination$49

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    The BIND (Toxin Elimination) formula provides a specialized form of activated charcoal and powerful humates (humic and fulvic acids) along with key botanicals that effectively bind toxins and prevent retoxification. BIND serves as a master drainage formula that attracts toxins, binds them so they can’t be reabsorbed, and escorts them out of the body.

    Contains super-activated charcoal 

    Absorbs up to 300 times its weight in toxins 

    Cascara Sagrada brings water into the intestines 

    Apple and Flax provide beneficial fiber 

    Probiotics added to support leaky gut 

    Alkaline has a negative ion charge that electromagnetically binds with positively charged toxins (heavy metals) 

    Sweetens the intestines (absorbs gasses that the liver would otherwise have to handle), and prevents flatus 

    Does not interfere with nutrient absorption or intestinal function 

    Favorably impacts cholesterol via binding the bile complex • Helps prevent bloating

     Daily use can lower the body’s toxic exposure by 60% 

    Helps trap pesticides, herbicides, and plastics when nonorganic foods are eaten 

    Ultimate quality, super activated, highest binding capacity. 

    Fulvic acid transports minerals throughout the body and supports cellular fluidity. 

    Humic acid smothers viruses and prevents their attachment to cell membranes 

    Binds bio-toxins (candida, molds, etc.) in the intestines, prevents resorption 

    Humates provide over 70 plant-source trace minerals 

    Promote healthy enzyme reactions

    120 Capsules